Welcome to Silvermane's tools page.  This section of the website is broken out into three areas:


This area is where I have various data for geeks that like to tinker.  Such things as a Speed Run through the Warpath, my forecaster for the Toxic Spill changes, etc. 

AREA TWO :  Spreadsheet Tools

This is the area that started it all. Here is where you'll find my crown tracker, my weapons tracker, inventory trackers, etc etc.

AREA ONE:  Guides.   

This area is where I put all my guides, in as much detail as I am reasonable able to and with what data I have. I'm human, I make mistakes, get over it.  :)  That said, please do let me know of any mistakes and I'll update as I can.

AREA FOUR: Resources

Here you'll find a myriad of links to map helping websites, other guides, and the many other tools and resources that I use on a regular basis.