Some of the tools I've made over the years.  Enjoy!


The one that started it all; the CrownTracker.  Used to track which mice you've crowned as bronze, silver, or gold, and also sorts by location and filters so you can easily find what area of the game you want to work on next. 

Treasure Chests

Personally, I like to collect things. I have almost every chest in the game...almost.  This tracker (with your help) will copy your inventory screen and match it against the database of all treasure chests, scrolls, easter eggs, and everything else that might be in your inventory -- and quickly show you what you're missing. 


The basis of the game, Traps!  Just copy your full list of traps, charms, bases and skins, and see what you're still missing. The game itself does a decent job of showing you what's missing, but this also includes links to the recipies and how to get those last few items you're missing.

Other Collectibles:

Mousehunt is chock full of collectible items, from Red Buttons and Larry's Sandwich up to the elusive Zugzwangs Left Sock.   Ever wonder just how many collectible items you're missing?  Look no further, start here! (out of date!)