Mousehunt Tips & Advice FB Page

Here's a super useful script to help with those Spooky Shuffle Tickets.   Instead of using a pen and paper, or excel, or whatever, to track the cards, it adds in beneath each card the name of whatever you've opened. It's fully legal (confirmed by the Devs) as it's no different from the pen and paper option..just computerized.  Please note it requires Tampermonkey and can only be run on, and not the facebook verison.

Sometimes you need to just hit a group and ask questions from real people. My guides are good, but I get things wrong (sometimes) and I can't answer every last question out's some resources you can go hit up: 

Mousehunt Maps Tweaker is a REALLY useful addon through TamperMonkey, which will change your map HUD to show where each mouse is, along with suggested cheese and expected catch rates.  (You'll have to install TamperMonkey for your browser first.   This tool has been called a game-breaker because it shows the location, cheese, and attraction rate, but all it's doing is a quick reference to information already available out there. 

Jacks Tools:  (Chrome, Firefox, Opera )  A quiet gem in the background that is gathering steam as the replacement to HornTracker.  Also includes your hunt history, a RelicHunter finder, and a host of map-related tools including a MouseFinder, a 'What-mice-on-a-map" predictor, a "where-s this loot?" finder, and even a database for people looking to Snipe/Leech maps. 

Scripts are plug-ins you can add to a browser.  Most are pretty easy to install, but each comes with a few bells and whistles you can trigger if you look for them.   Please note, though!!  This is an easy way to get yourself stockaded if you're not careful.

Scripts and  plug-ins are allowed by the developers if they follow two very simple rules.  


Other than those two rules, most every plug-in I've seen is allowed for use.  They have a myriad of uses, and below are some of the more commonly used ones.  

Horntracker:  (Chrome)  One of the original extensions and is now no longer being actively updated for new areas (post Labyrinth), but still collects data and does quite a lot automatically.   Highly useful for checking loot drops, attraction rates with specific setups, etc.  Just don't ask it which hallway to find the Eidolon.   It also has a few HUD features, like adding Platinum crowns that I really like.


There are many tools, usually web page driven  (or Google Sheets), where you can plug in a mouse name and find the information you need.  Here are a few of the more popular ones out there.

Mousehunt Timers: The original one that got me realizing there's a world beyond the Facebook links. There's about 300 links here for you to browse through. 

Agile Travels:  The home-page to Jack's Tools Plugins, most items are web-based.    includes map helpers, map spotters, relic hunter finder, and a replacement to horntracker. (Mousehunt DataBase):   The Mousehunt DB is an expanded option to the in-game Larry's Lexicon, just go to the home page and type in what you're looking for, whether it's a crafting item, specific mouse, or even a location.  Some of the useful guides include gold-gathering.

Tsitu's Tools:  These include a catch rate estimator, map solver,  best setup tool, and a marketplace analyzer.  Data intensive for those that like to get deep into the hunting.

Mousehunt Discord:   For those who joined the internet post the year 2000,  Discord is a chat-server, the modern day BBS, IRC, AIM, etc.  It can be daunting for those not used to it, but like the forums and other groups, it's got it's own core group of people that are active and involved, posting links, guides, tools and resources.  

I also want to give a shout-out to those other guide-writers out there, who have helped me so much along the way.

Please note there are also a few auto-hunting scripts out there you might stumble across.  Use of these can get you thrown in the stockade and violates the Terms & Conditions with HitGrab. I won't post links here, because I won't be responsible for you cheating.   I'm just letting you know such a thing exists so you don't install one accidentally.

There's many ways to aid the intrepid Hunter, especially with all the new areas and mice to keep track of. Here are some of my favorites.

DSXC:   (Chrome) This helper is a really useful tool which adds to the top of your display the current status for the Seasonal Garden, Forbidden Grove, Balacks Cove, and the Toxic Spill, along with a host of other features for quick crafting, potions, travel and more.